Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer a wide array of veterinary surgical services in our hospital. It is important for you and you’re pet to receive care in a friendly, welcoming environment from people you both have come to know in order to reduce stress and promote healing.

During surgery, doctors and technicians closely monitor vital signs including heartbeat, oxygen level, and blood pressure. Afterwards, pets awaken on a heated blanket for warmth and comfort. Technicians are present during the entire recovery process to ensure patient safety.


Your surgeon will contact you after your pet has recovered from anesthesia.  Your pet’s length of stay with us after surgery depends upon the procedure performed and any special needs your pet may have.  You will be able to review our home-care instructions with a veterinary technician when you arrive to take your pet home.

List of Some common Soft Tissue Surgeries

–        Abdominal exploratories

–        Advanced wound treatment

–        Anal Gland Removal

–        Arytenoid lateralization (Laryngeal paralysis)

–        Biliary Diversion

–        Brachycephalic syndrome correction

–        Ear Canal Ablations and Resections

–        Feline Perineal Urethrostomy

–        Hernia repairs

–        Mass removal

–        Organ and gland removals

–        Portosystemic Shunt

–        PDA, PRAA

–        Reconstructive surgery (typically due to trauma or tumor removals)

–        Thoracic procedures