Andrea Colflesh

Hi! I’m Mason. I’m an 8 year old typical chocolate lab that gets into everything! Well I have to say I have no idea what I did this time but it was bad & I really scared my mom & dad. You see, I could not hold a solid meal down for almost 4 days. I was not drinking or pooping. All these things are very unusual for me. Mom took me to the DelCo SPCA so the fabulous staff could see what was going on. We were referred to Keystone when all my tests came back normal & they pumped me with meds & fluids but I was still felt terrible & weak. So mom & dad took me to Keystone Vet. My favorite girl, Dr. Kim Boudwin, works there so it must be fantastic. Now, Dr. Kim was off but every staff member, vet tech & vet were just lovely. They were so kind & sweet to me & my human family. They explained everything to mom & dad thoroughly. I had to stay over night. I was NOT happy about if but after seeing how nice everyone was to me, I realized it was not that bad. The next day, mommy received a good report & I was able to go home. I’m on some special meds & food which are making me feel so much better! Overall, me, my mom & dad would recommend Keystone for all your emergency vet needs! The staff is knowledgeable & very friendly. I give them 2 paws up! Thank you again! Mason

Steve Tarozzi

Thank you for all your help, patience and compassion when treating Ripley. Although I had to make the tough decision to end her suffering, you guys were great through the end.

Denise Tecce

These are our pugs Lola (fawn) and Emmitt (black). In February we met Dr. Russell when Lola had some blood in her urine and it turned out she had bladder stones and needed surgery to have them removed. Early this May, we met Dr. Russell again when Emmitt ingested some prescription medicine. Everyone at Keystone was so kind and patient with my husband and I and we can’t thank them enough!!!!

Sarah Bloom

Thank you for being there for our Smush (aka Junipurr) this morning! Such a relief to know there’s somewhere nearby at any hour.

Meg Keating

Thanks to the vet staff at Keystone. We brought Lyla there late Sunday night after finding that she had gotten into a bottle of Advil. As upset as we were, the staff put us at ease. Dr. Russell explained how they planned to treat Lyla during her stay and answered all of our questions. As we were leaving they insisted we could call back as many times as we needed to to check on our pup, which we did. We were so grateful that her blood work came back normal and she was able to come home 24 hours later. Now Lyla is back to herself, getting spoiled and enjoying relaxing at home with her family! Thank you!! If you’re ever in an emergency situation with your pet, I would highly recommend Keystone.


Steve Kessler

Thank you to Dr. Russell and any involved staff. My wife explained the problem we dealt with this evening on the Lower Merion Community Network Facebook page. Some of you are probably aware of them, but I wanted to give a shout out to Keystone Veterinary Emergency and Referral on West Chester Pike (eastbound side) in Havertown. We love our regular vet at Ardmore Animal Hospital, but we were indeed faced with an emergency today (Sunday) when I couldn’t find my (new) hat, and after my husband and I turned the house upside down several times looking for it, I figured my rescue labradoodle, Largo, had eaten it. I apparently hadn’t put it far enough out of his reach. Though I was initially puzzled that there were no shreds lying around, it was the only possibility short of a black hole (and our other dog having eaten it, but Largo has more of an affinity for that kind of stuff). Long story short, after what was probably a very unpleasant “cathartic” experience for Largo, induced by the doctor, the contents of his stomach confirmed our suspicions. It’s kind of a funny story now, but it could have been tragic, as dogs can die from ingesting these sorts of things if they lead to a blockage, and thank goodness we caught it early in the process. So in case any of you dog lovers out there have the misfortune of facing a veterinary emergency during off-hours, this is the place (it’s 24/7).

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Katie Rambis

Just wanted to say thank you for all you do!! Our dog Taye Tantino. Is celebrating her 7th birthday today, a day we didn’t think was going to happen. But thanks to your hard work, dedication, love, knowledge, support, and belief…she seems like a pup again!! Thank you!!