Veterinary Cardiology

We are pleased to offer cardiac services by Dr. Jonathan Goodwin and Dr. Cecelia Helenski

Cardiologists are veterinary specialists that diagnose and treat disease of the heart. Common conditions managed by cardiologists include:

–        Damage to the heart valves

–        Heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathies)

–        Congestive heart failure

–        Coughing and other breathing problems

–        Congenital (present at birth) defects

–        Cardiac arrhythmias (problems with the heart rate or rhythm)
veterinary cardiology
The most common tests performed in pets with heart disease include:

Echocardiography:  Noninvasive form of ultrasound that provides detailed images of the beating heart.

Electrocardiography (ECG): Recording of the heart’s electrical activity and rhythm.

Radiography (chest x-rays): Provides images of the heart and lungs and facilitates the diagnosis of congestive heart failure.